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Akila Protective Services (APS) is a fully bonded Private Investigation Agency and Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer.



Colt Lawman Mk V

Gun Sales  -  The Colt Lawman Mark V, possibly the strongest revolver ever manufactured.  This .357 Magnum has a nickel finish, with a 2" barrel and is in excellent condition. This is a definite keeper for the person who is looking for an incredible piece of Colt history.  The Lawman Mark V went on to become the King Cobra.  Price on this beauty is $825, but our internet special for a limited time is $750.  Must have a local FFL, if not in Oklahoma that we can transfer to for you.

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We provide an extensive range of services intended to help you with personal security/protection.

            Surveillance                    Insurance Fraud                Corporate Security

             In-Depth Comprehensive Background Checks

      OK Self Defense Act Training

       Church Security Team Training   

CPR Certification 

             Federal Firearms License (FFL) Holder

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Need someone followed? Or a Comprehensive Back Ground Check completed?


Are they truly who they say they are?  Are they a Wanted Criminal?

Looking to hire a new employee but want a Back Ground check done? We provide in-depth background checks.  Court evidence, along with expert testimony in injury, divorce and child custody cases. 

Security and Firearms Training


Do you or your team desire security or firearms training?  Our CLEET certified Self-Defense Act (SDA) Instructors have taught and certified thousands of Oklahoma residents.

One of the fastest growing crimes in the United States is crime against houses of worship.  We will come to  your place of worship and provide a detailed Risk Analysis, then train your team and staff on how to handle a multitude of possibilities. We stand ready to train  you or your team on how best to protect yourself, your family, your congregation or your business.

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